Graphic Design

Shop Mindful

Fall 2018

I created a campaign that informs consumers about animal testing in the cosmetic industry for my graphic design 2 class.





While creating this brand, I wanted something that was inviting and fun. The mission of Shop Mindful is to get people to shop cruelty free by informing them how to do so. The goal is not only to communicate how to shop cruelty free, but also to prove how simple it is to do so. Through a fun font, images and inviting colors, this brand is inviting and playful but at the same time remains serious with the content that is being communicated.



I wanted to create a campaign that communicated what companies are doing and the power that consumers have to change this. The problem is not that people think animal testing is right. The problem is that people are unaware of the steps they need to take to shop cruelty free, and many consumers do not realize that they have the power to bring this issue to an end. By shopping cruelty free you are taking a stance against companies who test. If we stop buying products that test, they will stop testing.

Final Designs


For my 3D deliverable of this project I decided to design a set of shopping bags. Shopping bags is a great way to get a message across because people walk around the streets, stores and malls with bags and work as a walking campaign. 




For my 2D deliverable I created a set of post cards. The idea here is that they would come with the shopping bags and be distributed by stores that are




I created an application for shoppers to check if their products test on animals. On the application there are three ways to check if a product tests: Scanning the barcode of a product, searching by name or going through a list of brands that do not test.