Group 202

Leading Edge

Influences change in how Jewish organizations attract, develop, and retain top talent. They focus on supporting and developing CEOs, strengthening partnerships between lay leaders and professionals. 

About Project

About Scout Labs

Leading Edge came to Ronik to undergo a website and brand redesign. With some existing brand elements we were able to give Leading Edge a brand new web experience and new brand elements. 

My Role

Throughout this project I worked alongside two other designers to create wireframes, brand guidelines, web pages and responsive designs. In early stages of the visual design process I created my own direction to present to leading edge.


During the wireframing stage of the project our team worked together to create multiple pages for the client including: homepage, news stories, resource list and more. Another big part of the wireframing phase was translating the designs to mobile. Below is the wireframe for the homepage we created.

Visual Design

After completing wireframes our team moved into the visual design phase of this project. Three of us designed our own directions for the homepage and resource page to present to the client. My direction included bold rectangular sections with bold hovers. I also experimented with expanding Leading Edges color pallet with a verity of rich colors. Below is the full homepage design I shared with the client. 

Below are the the Lay Leadership Initiative Page and the Resource Page. These pages were shown in early stages of the design process to showcase internal pages in addition to the homepage. 

Screen Shot 2021-02-28 at 3.45.03 PM
Resource Library Sticky Nav B
Screen Shot 2021-02-28 at 4.05.37 PM

The client did not choose my direction however elements were taken from this direction were taken into direction that was chosen. I assisted in designing many of the screens on the current site, check it out here.

This project was made in collaboration with my team at Ronik.